Important Questions to Ask While Choosing a Remodel Design Team

Remodeling a house is a matter of taste. While great work can leave you happy for years to come, a sloppy job can leave a distaste for your own home. Additionally, this can also decrease the value of your property, and result in the unnecessary expenditure of thousands of dollars.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep certain things in mind before deciding on a remodeler:

  1. Am I Getting the Right Value for my Money? Our nature drives us to choose the cheapest option. However, it may not always work for you. Less expenditure doesn’t guarantee quality, it would be better if you choose a team which truly understands your vision. They would be willing to work in collaboration with you and provide the best available service.
  2. Do I Know What Remodeling I Need? Different kinds of remodeling require different kinds of expertise. What this means is that, who you hire depends on where and how you want the remodeling done. The specialists vary accordingly.
    • Architects: For extensive remodeling of your building/house, it is smart to get hold of an architect. Even though they are trained, their primary purpose is to facilitate structural integrity and spatial efficiency.
    • Contractors: Building contractors introduce versatility to remodeling. They usually work with a team of experts who specialize in both large and small projects.
    • Designer: A designer’s job is to create beauty while effectively focusing on grand interiors more than the spatial and structural concerns of the architect. They have specific areas of specialization such as the kitchen or the living area.
    • General contractors: If your requirements are pretty clear, then these individuals are the best bet. Their main focus is on the building materials and the techniques, but certain experienced individuals may also negate the need for other specialists.
  3. Am I Being Compliant? Legal compliance is of great importance for any sort of building project. Try and hire someone who is used to working locally and has an innate knowledge of how things work in the area. A detailed planning on jurisdictional limitations while determining the remodeling framework is a part taken care of by reliable professionals.
  4. What About Reviews and Testimonials? It’s wise to do some research into the ideal remodeler you want for the job. Doing so helps you gain a deeper understanding of what to expect. You can do a number of things to ensure a thorough research; read reviews, view portfolios and then talk to former clients of the ones you favor.
  5. Does My Remodeler Have the Correct Documents? As per the requirement of the law, your remodeler should have the right business licenses, insurance and bonding. Many states make it a necessity for remodelers to have a license and you can find more information by visiting your state government website.As for insurance, there are two types:


    • General Liability: This is in place to shield the remodeler from any liability pertaining to physical injury or structural damage to your home during the work.
    • Worker’s Compensation: This coverage protects the home-owner from any financial liability if the worker himself is hurt during work. This also shields against lawsuits.

    Additionally, bonding compensates you for any sort of sub-standard work, incomplete work, or in cases where the remodeler hasn’t taken care of supply bills.

  6. What Safety Concerns May I Encounter? Safety is of great importance when it comes to any work at home. Ask your remodeler what kind of chemicals will be involved in the work, and possible toxicity associated with them. Professional remodelers will let you know how to cope and what precautions to take.
  7. What Can I Do About the Cost Settlement? Break down the costs for materials and labor separately. Keep in mind that a profit margin should be maintained despite the overhead amount. Next, break down the payment into multiple installments, which is a pretty sensible step, especially for a long-drawn work. In case of any necessary changes to the original contract, a reliable remodeler should be able to make a “change order document.” Ultimately, bring forth your negotiation skills and agree upon a mutually decided amount.

From commercial repairs to window installations to roofing, you need the best remodeler for building purposes. Any slip up will only result in the waste of large sum of money, leaving you with a design/structure that’s cringeworthy.

At 3-Strand Construction, we aim for the perfect restructuring so that you may have your dream home within reach. We take pride in the higher standard of work and employees with years of experience behind them. Get in touch with us today at 520-904-5506, or on

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