How to Save Money This Winter!

Energy efficiency is more important to our household bottom line than we think it may be. To be more precise, energy efficient doors & windows are an important part of our monthly energy bills.

The reason is quite simple if you think about it. In an arid climate like we have here in Arizona, if your doors and windows are unable to prevent the loss of cool air in the summer or the entry of cold air in the winter, you are wasting valuable money.

Energy efficient doors and windows are important in all seasons, but mostly winter and fall. And, since Arizona basically only has two seasons to speak of, a super short winter and a very long summer, energy efficient doors and windows are a must for us Desert Rats!

Imagine this scene in the winter: You are lying down on the couch after a long day at work on a cold winter’s night. You’ve settled in for your favorite movie accompanied by popcorn and your favorite hot beverage. You’ve counted on your home to be warm and cozy, but no, you are still chilly even though the heater has been running nonstop. Your feet are particularly cold so you get up to investigate. What you find is a steady flow of freezing cold air seeping in from under your back double-doors. The seeping- in air is triggering your heater to turn on an off, over and over again! Now, not only are you not enjoying your movie, popcorn or hot beverage, you’re angry, chilly, and the worst of all, you know your heating bill is going to be astronomical! Energy efficient doors and windows would prevent this whole scene from occurring.

Now, imagine this scene in the summer: You’ve paid good money to get the best air-conditioner on the market to combat our oppressive summers.  It’s guaranteed to be energy efficient and WILL save you money.  Then your first bill comes and you are floored.  It’s nowhere near the estimated saving you were expecting! Now you’re upset and think you were sold a bill of goods. Well, think again! Turns out after AC sales guy comes to check out your system, he checked out the AC and the home, and guess what? The doors and windows are the actual problem. Before you go and buy a new air-conditioner or heater, have the condition of your doors and windows evaluated by a licensed contractor. Your air conditioner and heater may not be the problem after all!

Some things to keep in mind when considering the benefits of energy efficient doors and windows:

  1. Reduced Energy Consumption: Energy efficient doors mean your devices give less effort in performance. As such, you ensure a long-lasting device, energy conservation and environmental preservation.
  2. You Get Tax Credits: Installing ENERGY STAR Certified doors and windows, can qualify you for some nice federal tax credits.
  3. A Comfortable Home: Utilizing energy-efficient doors increases the comfort of your home by helping balance the indoor temperature. You sleep and live more comfortably, making you more productive and happy in your daily life.
  4. Guard Your Furniture Against Sunlight: Energy efficient doors with low-emissivity coating means that it filters out the harmful effects of UV on your precious furniture. Your wood finishes and carpet fabrics remain as good as new.
  5. Increase the Re-sale Value of your Home: If you are looking to sell your home in the future, you would want to make sure that there is a special benefit attached to the house. Energy efficient doors and windows can be a special selling point, making your property stand out among the competition!

Energy efficiency just makes good sense. Equipping your home to keep it comfortable while contributing to a lower energy consumption is the great option for you, your family and our environment.

If you have any questions about energy efficient doors and windows or if you would like your assessed for efficiency, give 3-Strand Construction & Design a ring at 520-904-5506. We’d be happy to chat.

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