Eger Custom Shelving Project

The living room area in this home had some drab shelving / cabinet units built in to some existing niches. The new homeowner found them to be somewhat useless and unattractive in this room of the home. They were looking for home improvement, a way to use the space that would really brighten up the living room as well as make them functional. After some discussion we came up with a solution that achieved what the homeowner was looking for, as well as fit the homeowners tastes for style.

We demoed out the existing units. Ran new electrical for the dimmable pancake LED lighting on each shelf. After some minor drywall repair and paint. We assembled and customized the shelving out of reclaimed oak barn-wood. Each shelf was constructed using individual templates following the contour of the walls to completely fill the space. We even milled the barn-wood on the front edge to achieve the radius bend needed, thus maintaining the barn-wood finish look.

Reusing and recycling old materials wherever possible is something we truly enjoy doing. Making the old new and functional is challenging and fun. We try to incorporate green construction building practices wherever practical. Glad we could do that for this homeowner.

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