Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Whether it is starting the morning outside with a cup of coffee and a book, inviting friends for a dinner party or enjoying a sunny brunch, everyone loves spending time on a patio.

With plenty of warm sunshine, cool breezes and night calmness, outdoor living spaces keep us connected to nature and offer us a relaxing atmosphere for spending time with family and friends. A well designed outdoor area can not only result in an additional living space but can also increase the value of your home, significantly.

Today outdoor living space means much more than just an umbrella, a picnic table and a movable grill. It’s an extension of your home that provides a multipurpose functional room, without the concrete walls. Therefore, designing a great outdoor living space takes just as much thought, planning and consideration as designing an interior room.

Your outdoor living space should reflect the style and taste of your personality. So, here are some tips to make your backyard or lovely little garden, the perfect outdoor living space that has a luxurious welcoming environment:

I.Planning is Everything

The first thing to do is to sit down and make a list of everything that you want your outdoor space to have. A list of what you want to be able to do in the space and how you plan to use it will determine which features should be a priority and what would be your later additions.

If your plans include making meals outside for family and friends, you should consider building an outdoor kitchen with fun stuff like an outdoor sink, a mini refrigerator, a pizza oven and/or a portable BBQ. If you want your outdoor space to be used more for big formal dinner parties, you should focus on lots of seating arrangements, ground cover, flooring, overhead protection from the sun and weather.

If you are looking forward to hosting many fun and cozy get-togethers, installing an outdoor fireplace can solve your purpose by adding a touch of flair and character to your outdoor living space.

However, if you want a simple place to enjoy your morning coffee, a comfortable recliner and minimum decoration with some lovely flowers can give your day a naturally refreshing start.

II. Quality Furniture is a Must

Outdoor furniture goes through a lot of wear and tear, even if you use them only for a few months of the year. Not only due to constant exposure to the sun outdoor furniture get a weathered worn out look, but forces like rain and hail along with falling leaves and debris also add to the wear and tear.
It is important that you invest in good quality outdoor furniture as long as your budget allows it. Furniture made from heavy durable materials that can withstand regular cleaning and weather.

If you have a low budget, wrought iron furniture with a metal diamond mesh for the seat and the back are great for you as they can withstand the strong heat of the sun and require little to no maintenance.

Wood, on the other hand, is an expensive option which requires regular cleaning and needs to be oiled or sanded on a regular basis.

Conversational sets and lounge pieces should be quite relaxing and should be situated close enough so that the setup itself encourages a cozy conversation where everybody can talk to each other comfortably.

III. Comfortable Seating is a Priority

Comfortable seating is best when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor living space.

Whether you are going for sofa, sectional or club chairs, choose furniture that are comfortable and weather resistant. A patio with a comfortable furniture décor will make your outdoor space feel as cozy as your interior.

You can cover your sofas and chairs with cushions and pillows that are soft and comfortable. When it comes to colors and patterns, you can definitely play with them by choosing either a bright tone that will coordinate with your garden or going for a neutral pallete that will let your flowers take over the spirit of natural decoration.

Make sure there is more than plenty of seating available for your guests so that they can move around and mingle as comfortably as they want to. To keep your guests cozy at night, you can always throw in some blankets that will also add to the plush comfort.

IV. A Canopy or an Umbrella for Shade

Shade is essential for any patio especially in sunny areas like in Tucson, Az . Shade provided by trees, an outdoor roof or a simple umbrella—shade can be anything you want.

Shade sails made of nylon sail rigging are an emerging trend in the market, which can provide a sleek modern look that will encourage conversation. However, these shades need to be professionally installed and their prices depend on the size of the shade and the method used for mounting.

If you want a fun beach-going look, umbrellas can be a cheap, colorful and an attractive option. The purpose of shade is not only protecting your guests from the heat of the sun but also protecting the food and the drinks that you have prepared.

If you have a busy road by your backyard, you can go for either awnings or screens that will provide you the privacy that you need and will also add a touch of decoration for outdoor entertaining.

V. Go for Simple Lighting

When you are closely connected to nature, you do not want to disturb the calm ambience with some heavy and fancy LED lights. Lighting should always be simple and when it is done right, it can spruce up your outdoor area by making it look more warmer and more inviting.

You can use string lights to establish a soft and soothing atmosphere for intimate dinners that will create focal points within the environment and will help you set a specific mood. You can wrap the string lights around railings or hang them along the side of your roof to add a twinkle to your night.

If you are hosting a big party, colorful hanging lights can help you illuminate and decorate your space that will create the mood for fun and outdoor entertainment.

More simply, you can choose suspended lanterns and candles to illuminate your outdoor space that will provide the right ambience for your family and friends.

Should I Hire a Professional Designer?

Designing an outdoor living area takes quite a lot of planning and it can be overwhelming if you do not have any experience in landscape design, interior design or some other related field.

A professional designer has the eyes to notice things that an average home owner would easily miss and they will know how to address the special challenges and will guide you in the best possible way to lay out your exterior room.

The professional designer will know how to measure properly and help you optimize your space by advising you on how to accommodate the current needs and leave possibilities open for the future.

Once your build is complete, mistakes such as missing gas lines are costly to fix. So, hiring a professional will help you avoid making an expensive mistake.

A Space for All Seasons

Hot and dry climates, like Tucson, have a lot of opportunities for using outdoor spaces all year round for variety of activities. Therefore, you should create the area with care and proper planning that will combine beauty with functionality.

Of course, it depends on the homeowner’s taste but if you are considering building a patio in Tucson, you should choose a durable, weather-resistant, concrete brick or stone surface for the flooring of the patio, as the weather is dry and warm throughout the year.

If you want to go all natural, consider building a grass patio instead of a paved one. However, a green patio needs planning from professional designer and requires regular care like watering or mowing. If you have budget issues but you still want a grass patio, low maintenance greenery like clover or moss can help you get that green look, well within your budget.

There are a lot of additions that you can make once the basic foundation of the patio is laid out. Good music system for the right background music or adding pavers around your patio can help keep foot traffic organized and give a good sense of direction and space to your guests and keep them engaged around focal points such as firepits or fountains.

Go for abundant colors and textures that will blend artistically with natural surroundings to create a perfect space for outdoor entertainment with a specialized décor theme.

With over 70 years of experience in home remodeling, construction and design, 3-Strand Construction and Design provides utmost service and excellence to all the clients and gives them beautiful customized commercial or residential spaces that are suitable to their specific needs. If you want to create your perfect outdoor living space, call us today at 520-904-5506.

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