Valencia Kitchen Remodel

This is your classic 1960s construction, mid-town Tucson adobe home. A well-built structure in a great location, exciting for contractors like us. The down side of this type of kitchen remodeling was that it came with the closed off floor plan and tiny little kitchen you would expect in the original construction. The homeowner was looking to open up the floor plan of the home as well as update, enlarge and improve the function of the kitchen, as well as the rooms surrounding it.

We went in and completely sealed off the kitchen remodel area of the home. Removed all the old plaster necessary, thus exposing the framing. We shored up the ceiling and proceeded to demo the interior walls. Installing support beams were necessary. Carefully we cut into the adobe on the exterior walls to route electrical and plumbing as needed for the countertops, undercabinet lighting and kitchen sink. We upgraded the ductwork in the ceiling to improve airflow. Installed LED lighting throughout the kitchen and dining areas. After drywall and paint were complete, we Installed the beautiful oak cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling capped by crown molding. Tile floors, Granite countertops and travertine tile backsplash followed immediately after. All new appliances and some finish trim to round it off. The result speaks for itself. The transformation of this space made a huge difference in the function of the home. Completely changed the way the homeowner felt about spending time in the kitchen. The can lights, accent lighting and undercabinet lighting really make the space feel brighter. Where there was once a closed off wall now has a countertop bar with seating, making the kitchen a place for family gatherings while cooking.

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