House Remodeling Tips for a Home Gym

There are lots of reasons for wanting a home gym. You might have grown sick and tired of the sweat-stained walls and the hustle and bustle of commercial gyms. Maybe your hectic lifestyle is affecting the number of sessions you can manage each week. You might feel uncomfortable sharing personal workout sessions with others. Having a personal home gym is great for convenience, and can be easily achieved.

While remodeling for home improvement or starting off a new construction project, one of the most frustrating things is not knowing exactly what to do or who to turn to for help. It’s hard for a homeowner to do all the work themselves. That’s why it is important to hire an experienced construction and contractor team like 3 Strand Construction & Design. We specialize in building custom home projects that transform a plain living space into something amazing.

Here are some basic ideas to keep in mind for your new home gym:

Take a practical approach

It’s easy to get swept away in the details of home improvements.
How often do you plan to use the gym? Will you be using it alone? Narrow down the equipment you currently own, along with the ones you wish to get or use on a frequent basis. Is the space ventilated enough? Are appropriate safety measures available to perform all exercises? Figure out what exactly you want and then next look at your budget.


Building a home gym can be affordable. Save money on buying a monthly gym membership and use the money to build your dream gym right at home. Plan your money for equipment, machines, and construction- it’s best to higher a professional, experienced construction and design team to remodel because the gym will be safer and will last longer without costly repairs.


What space will be renovated into being the home gym? The ideal choice will be a basement since there is plenty of room for workout equipment and other storage needs. But, a lot of houses in Tucson don’t have basements. That’s okay! If you have a spare bedroom, garage or any type of extra space we can help transform your space into the perfect home gym. If you don’t know what space in your home is best or if you’re wondering about adding an addition onto your home. Go ahead and schedule a free consultation and we will be happy to help you with this type of planning.


Renovate your home into a place that will motivate you to burn more calories and be more productive while working out. 3 Strand Construction & Design contractors can help you tailor your workout environment to your personality, to help you stay inspired.


One of the fun parts of having a home gym is custom designing the features. How much space is required to work out? Do you want to hook up a sound system or a television? Fans or ventilation? Would you like to install custom shelves and cabinets for holding smaller weights or workout DVD’s? Mirrors on the walls? The setting should suit your needs.


Carpet might be too soft, plus you want something that is easy to clean. Wood flooring is the most common choice if you plan to use the room for multipurpose activities. However, if you are planning on weight training, wood might not be the best option, as you might want to make sure your floor can sustain the force of the weights. Rubber tiles can be a great alternative option, as these are easy to install and provide a professional gym vibe.


A home gym needs the perfect mixture of natural and artificial light. Hanging lights might get in the way or cause shadow. And you don’t want to be tripping over cords for lamps. We can help you figure out your best lighting options and create custom lights for your remodeled space.

Creating your own home gym provides the easiest workout option. You can get your own machines and plan your own schedule without having to compromise with your work life. You need to make sure your exercise space is safe, practical, fun, and will motivate you to workout. Our contractors at 3 Strand Construction & Design have made it our mission to help the people of Tucson with the best services in home renovation and construction. Give us a call today to start planning your next construction project: 520-904-5506 We’re always happy to help!

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