Benefits of a Kitchen or Bath Remodel with Custom Cabinets

Cabinets are the foundation of any kitchen remodel. Cabinets not only keep your life organized and your kitchen clean, but they are usually the first thing that guests will notice about your kitchen. When starting a kitchen remodeling project, you should consider all your options before purchasing new cabinets for your kitchen and remember to always talk to your general contractor.

Difference Between Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Stock Cabinets, and Semi-Custom Cabinets:

Custom kitchen cabinets are built according to your request. The quality of custom cabinets depends on the sourcing of materials, installation and other factors, but in most cases, these are built to meet your specifications, more than often they include higher quality wood and high-end craftsmanship.

Stock cabinets or premade kitchen cabinets, are of standard sizes and placed on store shelves for people to buy as is. These cabinets are cheap and quick to install. These fixtures will only provide you with a general solution of storage but hardly meet your specific needs and won’t be guaranteed to fit the space perfectly.

Semi-custom cabinets are partially built before they are ordered. They include unfinished elements that can be customized based on your preferences before installation.

When choosing stock or semi-custom kitchen cabinets, the product might not tell you anything about the raw materials they are made from. The style and color that were pleasing initially, can disguise the poor quality of wood and finishing which can give you a costly headache when repairs are needed.

Whether it is for function or aesthetic purpose, invest your money in quality and go for custom-made kitchen cabinets, that will be built on the site, before you and when complete, will serve your purpose the way you want them to. Using a general contractor will help you save in the long run, their experience is necessary when trying to make these kinds of changes in your kitchen. Home improvement is a large step and contractors will walk you through it.

Some Benefits of Custom-made Kitchen Cabinets:

You Can Pick the Raw Materials
Custom kitchen cabinets are customizable in every way, including the types of materials that are used to craft them.

From the type of wood, style, finish to hardware that will best match the design—everything is upon you to decide. When you handpick everything for your new kitchen cabinets, it will not only look great and meet your needs, it will also reflect your true personality and taste.

When you install custom-made design kitchen cabinets, be ready to be showered with compliments from your guests and friends.

Custom-Made Cabinets are Tailored to Fit You
Never mind if your kitchen is too large or has an odd shape—custom kitchen cabinets are built to fit your specific kitchen measurements.

This is one of the biggest advantages of custom-made cabinets over the premade stock cabinets. The stock cabinets are made keeping one type of kitchen, person and cooking style in mind. So, if you have an appliance installed in an inconvenient place in your kitchen, the stock cabinets will not serve your purpose at all.

With custom-made kitchen cabinets, you can have the fixtures designed and installed in a way that is suitable for the layout of your kitchen, appropriate for the appliances and accessories that you already have. If you are shorter or taller than the average people, stock cabinets will not suffice your purpose, but custom cabinets will complement your daily life, blending smoothly with your unique needs.

Custom-Made Cabinets Give You More Storage Space
Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and almost all of them after completion have plenty of blank spaces left where stock cabinets would not fit at all.

One great advantage of custom-made kitchen cabinets is that just like kitchens they come in different shapes and sizes and you can order any size you want that suits your specific needs. Whether you choose the extra tall cabinetry or the nifty little cabinets for snug spaces, there will not be any areas in your kitchen that are used for no purposes and therefore, custom-made kitchen cabinets will give you all the storage space that you need and then some.

You may also get creative with your kitchen remodeling by adding things like a spice cabinet, cutlery cabinet or an island cabinetry that will allow you to store more than stock cabinets would ever allow you to.

Get Higher Quality Craftsmanship
Properly built and installed custom cabinets are proven to last longer than stock cabinets mainly because of the way they are made.

Stock cabinets are usually made in bulk on assembly lines, while custom cabinets are made solely for you, one at a time by hand.

When intricate joints, dowels or mortise-and-tenons are joined together, piece-by-piece, to build the custom cabinets, various components of stock cabinets are slapped together with inexpensive glues and nails.

The level of craftsmanship that goes into custom-made cabinets is costly no doubt, but the cost will pay for itself as the cabinets are going to last lifelong and will result in an increase of your property value.

Again, when you buy stock windows you are not aware of where the source materials came from or what sort of ecological footprint does it have. But when you are going for custom cabinets, everything from source materials to design and color, depends solely upon you.

You can either go for wood, recycled materials or pick eco-friendly materials for your cabinets and give your kitchen a good score on the environmentally-friendly scorecard.

Increase in Home Value
Home remodeling provides you the opportunity to introduce a new color and style into your home decor. When you use custom cabinets for remodeling purpose, it not only takes the entire look of the kitchen a notch higher but also leaves plenty of room for future modifications.

Without making any serious alteration to your basic kitchen layout, you can continue to add many modifications and features to your existing custom cabinets.

All these will contribute positively when you sell your house. The potential buyers will surely be impressed if they see a fine-looking upgraded kitchen space along with the scope of making personal modifications as an incentive.

Custom cabinets are in high demand because they are specifically built to fit your personalized lifestyle, design preferences, cooking habits, storage inclinations, and your uniquely shaped kitchen. The stock cabinets are made for one particular type of person, generally the ‘average’ one, which might work for some but, does not work for all.

If you want new and innovative cabinet storage for greater use of space, custom cabinets are the way to go. If you are looking for quality and value for money, custom design cabinets have no other alternative.

To give your kitchen an all-new look and increase the value of your home, spend a bit more on the installation of custom-made kitchen cabinets and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with it for all your life.

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